Scrunchies com padrões de fruta, flores e colibri

Scrunchies - Versatile, Stylish and Environmentally Friendly

Scrunchies are the fashion accessory you'll love wearing this summer!
 This elastic model is super delicate for the hair. It minimizes the risk of hair breakage or tangling as much as possible, as well as providing support for much longer than a simple thin elastic band.

 You can find them in different types of fabric and patterns, and best of all, they are environmentally friendly. Because? Because none of the fabrics that were used to make these elastics were purchased for this purpose. We make a point of using only unused fabric leftovers. Incidentally, these accessories only emerged as a perfect solution to reduce our waste as much as possible. This means that they are all limited edition, the stock depending on the amount of leftovers that we still have. 

Some models are made using leftover fabrics specific to swimsuits. Feel free to take them to salt water from the sea, or to the pool, as they are suitable for that.

You can choose from the new collection from more discreet colors to fun and colorful patterns.

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