About Us

Created by fashion designer Alina Talai, the Talai brand is a Portuguese brand mainly of jewellery and fashion accessories, which was born from her passion for the art of painting and fashion. Currently, all pieces are designed by the creator and are handmade at the TALAI Shop in Silves, Portugal.

One of our main objectives is to create pieces of art that can be used both in the form of jewelry, fashion accessories or decoration. That's why we like to say that each piece is unique, as are the women who wear them. As much as we try to make the same piece several times, it will always have small features that will stand out from each other, which further contributes to its originality.

 To create our jewellery, the only metal we use is stainless steel. Most pendants are made using natural whelks or polymer clay.

One of the brand's identities are the beads that we use both in our costume jewellery and fashion accessories. Whether to create necklaces, bracelets, embroidery on pillows or bags. Most of the beads are made of glass and come from the Czechia, being known for producing the best quality beads in the world.