Instructions and care

Despite the materials we use in the making of our jewellery do not stain, corrode, they can be scratched if you are not careful. If the product is not identified as waterproof, please follow our instructions so that you can enjoy Talai pieces for as long as possible.

Gold stainless steel parts

The golden color of gold-plated parts fades over time and this is natural wear and tear, not a defect.

The duration of the gold bath depends on the use, maintenance and care given to the pieces.

 Precautions to be taken

Pay special attention to hand-painted pieces. They can last for years if we follow these steps:

1. Handle your jewellery with care. Most pendants are modeled and painted by hand, they are a true work of art, so treat them as such.

2. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes and creams. If not, get into the habit of perfuming or putting on makeup before putting on your jewellery. Some chemical ingredients present in cosmetics can discolor, stain or damage the piece.

3. Avoid prolonged exposure to natural or artificial light or moisture. In case of contact with water, gentle drying with an absorbent cloth is recommended.

4. Do not use water, soap, cleaning solutions or chemicals to clean it, this could damage the finish or discolor the piece.